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Gut restoration challenge + bootcamp with Revive Fitness

If you're in Winnipeg or the surrounding area, we have an awesome opportunity that we want to share with you! Gut health has a huge impact on overall health. In fact, Hippocrates believed that all diseases start in the gut! Bone broth is praised for its ability to help heal the lining of the gut, aid digestion and improve gut health overall.

When we heard that Revive Fitness knew all about the benefits of bone broth and wanted to incorporate it into an upcoming challenge of theirs, we were so excited. Both of us here at Gold Bone have personally either attended Revive bootcamps or been trained by them and they do great work.

Starting May 1, they are hosting a five-day gut health restoration challenge in Winnipeg that you should definitely consider. They're also offering a package deal (with savings!) if you want to do the gut challenge along with their annual spring bootcamp so if you're starting to think about your summer fitness goals, jump on this!

Here's what they told us and what you need to know:

Stress, toxins, poor nutrition, medications and many other environmental factors can affect the balance in our gut. Offsetting the microbial balance in our guts can lead to all kinds of symptoms such as:



-joint pain


-skin issues

-weight gain/stubborn weight loss

and many more.

We want to introduce you to a gentle, short-term approach on how to improve such symptoms. Join us starting May 1 in our 5-day (Monday to Friday) gut restoration challenge!

OPTION 1: gut restoration


May 1 - May 5


-schedule of what foods to avoid and what to include

- explanations of why we avoid/include certain foods

-daily self-care journal

-water kefir, bone broth and gut shot supplies for the entire five days

OPTION 2: gut restoration + bootcamp

$175/person ($35 savings)

May 1 - May 5 (gut restoration) & Saturdays from May 6 - June 24 (bootcamp)


-everything listed above in the gut restoration package

-weekly bootcamp with two experienced trainers every Saturday for 8 weeks

Contact revive@revivewinnipeg.com for more info or to sign up.

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